This week we welcomed a new member to the Eralis family! Here’s a sneak peek into what Jordon got up to during his first week in the office…


I arrived at the office at 9am. As I was walking up the stairs I felt slightly nervous, however the nerves quickly left when I was warmly greeted by Kate. She introduced me to Eralis and showed me around both the Eralis and Vortex office (which is our sister company). On my desk was a welcome pack that included 3 notebooks, an Eralis branded pen, some chocolate buttons, chewing gum and a box of paracetamol (which is ironic because the next day I caught a cold). Everyone was so lovely to me when I was being shown around. I filled out all my new starter forms and was given my first task of the day; to research all the clients that Eralis has and then write down marketing ideas that I would do for the business. After completing this task, Kate then talked through with me all the different services that all the clients receive so I had a better understanding of what I will be focusing on for each of the clients. I was then given my second task of the day which was the study for my Google Shopping exam. I came here already qualified in Google AdWords Fundamentals, but Eralis understand your potential and try to mould you into the best you can be, so the next step for me was my Shopping exam. When the clock hit 5 o’clock, Aisha went to the fridge and pulled out a beer that Alex had left for me to celebrate completing my first day at Eralis which was very thoughtful. I genuinely went home that night eager to go back!



I started off my working day by having a morning meeting with Alex as he was not in on the Monday, so we went upstairs to the meeting room and talked about all the recommendations I had for the clients that I wrote down on Monday. We then went on to talk about my role and what the goals are for Eralis in the future. When I returned to my desk, I was given the task of updating the KPI reports; this gave me a real insight into all the client’s accounts and allowed me to learn in detail about the clients. I was also given the task to start writing a master recommendations sheet for all the clients PPC accounts; this includes all changes that I would suggest doing to the accounts to see how it can perform better.



As I got in on Wednesday, I knew I still had to complete the KPI reports. I was the first one in the Eralis office that day (Eralis offer flexi-time which is perfect if people would like to start and finish at specific times to suit their life), so I knew exactly what I needed to do to start the day off. By this day, I had already felt like I was at Eralis for at least a month as I settled in so quickly. I moved onto completing the executive summary for each of the clients PPC reports. I felt like I had already gained the trust of important tasks by my colleagues which I appreciated a lot. Once completing this task, Alex then showed me Google Datastudio and how we compose a thorough report through Datastudio. I really enjoyed interacting with all the reporting software’s that Eralis use, and I believe I have learnt a lot from the team already.



This morning I got to the office at 8:30am, and straight away checked how the PPC campaigns for all the clients are performing. I feel very comfortable around the whole team now as they are all so welcoming and really like you to get involved with everything. Once checking over all the PPC accounts, I then went back to the KPI reports for one of the clients as they were due their weekly report. Once me and Alex were happy with it, he sent it off to the Marketing Director of that company and showed me how we approach clients when we are sending the reports. I feel like I have learnt so much from all the team already and continue to soak up as much information as I possibly can. After completing the KPI report, I then went on to finishing off my master list of recommendations. This was great as it allowed me to express what I would do if that was my PPC account, and recommendations on what we can do to potentially improve the current accounts. I also PASSED my Google Shopping qualification!



I came in at 8am already knowing what I needed to do for the day, I feel like I have really settled in over this pass week. I had to create new KPI reports for Bing Ads, and implement new action points for the campaigns that the clients had running on Bing. Upon completing this, there was a large technical SEO task that needed completing for one of the clients, so me, Nicole, Aisha, and Alex worked as a team to ensure the task ran as smoothly as it could and helped each other complete the task in a strong manner. We had Byron’s Burgers for dinner (It was my first-time having Byron’s Burgers and wow… amazing) – This is one of the many incentives that Eralis offers to their staff, and we all appreciate it massively. I have thoroughly enjoyed my first week at Eralis, and genuinely do see myself staying here for as long as I possibly can! I can’t wait to see how I progress in my career with Eralis and look forward to be improving in my role each day.


Jordon Goodman – Account Analyst 


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