Our Ethos

Eralis is a data-focused digital marketing agency. We specialise in data and we use it to drive your growth. A lot of marketing agencies will promise you the earth and regularly under-deliver. We look at every aspect of your on-site and off-site data, whether that be your backlink profile or conversion strategy and customer behaviour, we paint a picture of your online performance and based on your data, we advise you how best to structure and implement your digital growth. 

Whether your sights are national or international – we can help you succeed.

With endless experience creating successful creative campaigns for global brands, UK brands and local businesses alike, we differ because we don’t try and sell you the earth. We simply show you how you might not be fully utilising the data and marketing channels available to you and able you to grow your online visibility, convert more traffic and ultimately, drive your business growth. 

We focus on what really matters – your brand.

Once a business reaches a certain size, creating a brand with longevity quickly becomes the number one aim. What’s important is their brand image and asset management. SEO and CRO and the whole digital marketing scope can quickly become a large melting pot of resources and often this time and cost could be avoided if it was done correctly and from the start. eCommerce is vastly becoming one of the largest ways to shop, and we can help your online shop achieve the goals that you want to achieve. We have a great team of marketing specialist, who bring a vast array of skills to the team. We offer marketing services such as PPC, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing amongst others. Get in touch with us today to see what we can offer your business.


Working for Eralis

First things first – we like to have fun. We don’t operate a battery farm, we reward our staff for helping to make us the business that we are. Aside from the achievable career prospects and the Eralis Rewards Scheme, we make sure our working environment is both efficient and enjoyable. Whether bringing your dog to work makes you happy, or the masses of pizza and burgers which are consumed every month, or if it’s going go-karting or a team night out – we make sure you feel like you’re part of a community and this is at the forefront of everything we do.

We’re regularly looking for new ambitious people to join our ever growing company. If you’re interested in working for Eralis – get in touch with us today.