Whether your website lacks traffic or you're expanding your marketing strategy, PPC (pay-per-click) is an effective way to gain new customers and drive revenue quickly.

Search Ads

Pay-per-click – often abreviated to PPC – helps to connect consumers with your products and services through a number of channels, one being paid text ads. Your text ads will be a large part of your PPC strategy and can be an extremely effective way of driving relevant, qualified traffic to your website. By ensuring your ads are targeting relevant keywords with competitive bid prices and are sending traffic to engaging landing pages, search ads will form a strong part of your PPC channel and will increase website conversions.



Pay per click display advertising allows you to reach online users via a variety of ad formats, whilst they are browsing the web, watching YouTube videos or even just within their Gmail account. These contact points help to increase your brand awareness and help drive PPC traffic to your site with clear and concise call to actions. Reach a more defined audience by selecting the types of pages or specific websites you want your ads to show.


See also: Remarketing ads



Shopping ads through PPC help to expose your products visually to consumers after they carry out a search online. By showcasing high quality product images, as well as the product’s price, you can help drive qualified traffic to your site leading to sales. These shopping ads appear right at the top of SERPs and command attention which therefore cannot be missed!



With over a billion people watching YouTube videos each month, why wouldn’t you run video ads? Pay per click video ads help brands create unique, memorable adverts which provide audiences with stimulating, entertaining experiences. The ever expanding reach and connectivity of video advertising provides brands with an extensive outlet for engagement. It is reported that consumers now turn to video adverts to help with their purchasing decisions. With video ad options such as in-stream, display, social and mobile, there many ways in which you can now reach your audience.



It is safe to say the majority of people own a mobile device, which is good news for retailers as it means they are in the hands of potential consumers 24/7. PPC creates fantastic opportunities for brands to connect with consumers on their mobiles, whether that be through mobile web ads or in-app ads. Tailoring your message to appeal to customers on mobile can help your ads look and perform much better in any format.