In the latest employment news, Amazon has revealed that it will be creating 5,000 new jobs this year. Amazon already employs 19,000 full-time workers in the UK, meaning this will now take Amazon’s workforce up to 24,000. Globally, Amazon boosted its workforce by nearly 50% in 2016 alone to a total of 341,000. This figure does not include the thousands of part-time and temporarily contracted workers that Amazon hires across busier retail periods.


The 5,000 new vacancies will be used across a wide range of positions such as software developers, engineers, technicians, managers and HR specialists. The boost to the workforce will also be used to create a new head office in the Shoreditch area of London, as well as boosting current staff in Edinburgh’s customer service centre. The online retailer has plans to use the rest of the jobs by opening new warehouses in Tilbury, Doncaster and Daventry, which are a necessity to cope with recent growth. They will also help with speeding up deliveries, including those for third party retailers who sell through the website – the growth of these deliveries has been particularly fast over the past year.


The creation of so many jobs is a positive boost to the UK job market, as Amazon is the latest large tech firm to announce big investment and hiring plans following Brexit. Expedia, Google and Facebook have all recently announced plans to expand their offices and increase their workforce. The UK is Amazon’s third largest market after the US and Germany, with 9.5 billion sales occurring in the UK alone last year. The shift shows tech firms aren’t concerned about the separation of the UK from the EU damaging Britain’s growth prospects, or making it more difficult to hire talented workers from overseas.


The expansion reflects the importance of the UK market and demonstrates Amazon’s foresight for further growth amid reports that the tech giant is expanding into fashion retail by creating its own-brand range of clothing.


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