In light of yesterday’s announcement from Disney, regarding their decision to drop their deal with Netflix and launch their own streaming service, Facebook have brought to light their own intentions of a new video service, said to rival industry giants including YouTube, Amazon Prime and Netflix. 

The new Watch tab will be introduced to the social platform with a range of content including original shows, funded by the social platform itself, as well as Women’s basketball, National Geographic safari shows and much more. Facebook are said to have signed deals with BuzzFeed, ATTN and Group Nine to help produce the original shows, enabling them to create their own content tailored to the platform. 

Facebook’s Watch tab will be a personalised space, so that users can discover shows that are suited to them, and shows that are based on what their friends are watching. There will also be a space for comments, enabling users to connect with friends and communicate in dedicated groups for each show. 

This social platform update will be initially released in the US for a limited time, before being rolled out into additional locations. 



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