As a social media platform, Facebook likes to think of itself as one of the best. With its 1.65 billion users, it’s important for Facebook to keep its users happy and listen to their thoughts. It seems many users have become tired of the constant posts from publishers and want to see more from the people they have chosen to be friends with. It seems however, that Facebook has slowly become dominated by pages and publishers, and less users are posting about themselves. As a result of this, Facebook have altered their News Feed yet again, to give its users what they want.

The huge change that Facebook have decided to make is intended to encourage more posts from friends and family. This change will therefore mean that the number of posts from publishers will need to be reduced, resulting in a shock to the media industry. This alteration with the News Feed will ultimately mean a loss in traffic for page administrators, however Facebook have acknowledged this and pointed out that switching to a more media/link orientated status will outweigh the losses and enable the page administrators to embed links in their status update.

This change is one way of highlighting Facebook’s excellent ability to listen to its users and take into consideration what they want from the social media platform. Facebook said in a statement:

We’ve heard from our community that people are still worried about missing important updates from the friends they care about…

From now on, Facebook wants to see more personal, interesting posts from its users, instead of just having information shared from profile to profile, as this will no doubt help its users to value the platform and keep on posting day to day.


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