It’s widely known that approximately only 2% of consumers convert on their first visit to a site –  but did you know that remarketing can help bring the remaining 98% back? Remarketing helps you to stay front of mind with consumers who have visited your site. By understanding their onsite behaviour, you are able to create profitable campaigns that ensure you target your consumers with products or services they previously engaged with. 


What is Facebook Remarketing?

Maintaining a positive relationship with your customers is essential in ensuring they receive the best possible customer experience. Facebook remarketing is an insightful marketing tool to help businesses reach their target audience by narrowing it down to exactly who they want to target, and what they want those individuals to see. Similar to Google Remarketing, Facebook’s Custom Audiences help you to reach out to your pre-defined target audience whilst they browse their Facebook account.


Making Facebook Remarketing Work

Firstly, it’s important to understand exactly where in the buyer’s journey your potential customers are, as this will help you to tailor your campaign and show them personalised adverts.  By displaying a high-quality image of the product recently viewed to a consumer in the ‘discovery’ phase, along with a discount code or free postage, it will encourage them to continue their purchase journey. For general remarketing to consumers still in the ‘awareness’ phase, you can create adverts showcasing top selling products or key messaging, to help keep your brand front of mind. 


How it Works

When an online user lands on your site, they are added to your remarketing audiences through a browser cookie giving you the ability to strategically place your remarketing ads in the right place at the right time. When consumers are then next active on Facebook, your ads will pop up on their news feed reminding them of your brand, the products they were interested in, and making them feel like they have a connection with your brand that goes further than that initial site visit.


Track Your Results

Using Facebook remarketing can be hugely beneficial, however like any marketing campaign, you need to know what works and what doesn’t. Facebook Ad Manager enables you to monitor your results to see just how well your ads are working. You can monitor a number of different metrics, including the amount spent per advert, number of link clicks, CTR (click-through rate) and CPL (cost per lead). Once you have a clear understanding of how your ads are performing, you can then tailor them to ensure you’re targeting the right people, with the right content to increase your conversion rate! 



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