In today’s world of digital marketing, content writing plays a huge part in marketing success and lead generation. Businesses are becoming more aware of this now than ever, with a huge part of companies’ time and resource being dedicated to content writing. As content marketing has become increasingly popular, businesses are spending more time considering how to make the most of their writing and how to make it applicable to their business. Every business will write content for different purposes and to reach different goals, but at the end of it all, it still has to reach an overall goal and this is why it’s important that your content writing is effective and resonates with your target audience. In this post, we’ve pulled together a few tips for you to consider how to improve content marketing for your business. 

Set a Process
When starting out in your content marketing, it’s important to outline what you want to achieve from it, and how you’re going to go about achieving those goals. Not every piece of content has to have the same goal, and in fact, having multiple posts with a variety of purposes will be valuable to your business. It will be helpful to you to sit down at the beginning of the process and set out your goals, milestones and to work out a schedule for your content. Planning will be the key to your success and will enable you to get the most from it. Have a meeting with your colleagues and come up with some good ideas together that you can all agree on to keep up the momentum. Regular catch ups will ensure you’re all moving forward on the same path and will allow you to report back on any ideas that haven’t worked as well, meaning you can edit your process as you go along. 

Secure the Reader’s Attention
This is important right from the get-go and will ensure you target the correct audience and that your content gets discovered. The headline is the first thing a reader will see, so don’t put so much thought into the content that you forget about the title! When people first see your headline, it will be in search results, social media or on a homepage, so you need to ensure that it’s something that will make them click-through to the content and keep reading. Ensure your headline is clear – don’t try and be too clever as it could become convoluted and confusing for the reader. Don’t make your headline too long as this won’t have an immediate attention-grabbing effect, and it’s also important to make sure that your title is relevant to your content – “clickbait” titles often don’t work and can mean readers lose trust in your article. From an SEO perspective, a title doesn’t have to be more than 60 characters, meaning you have to be concise and clear!

Search Engine Optimisation can be a powerful tool when aiming to increase your audience through your content writing. This shouldn’t be something you ignore when writing, and you should try and consider SEO as much as possible when creating your content. Off the back of thinking about your headline, consider the words you put in the title from an SEO perspective as well, as this will tell search engines what your content is all about and will help it to pop up in the right searches. Keywords are the next thing to consider – these will be your new best friend, and go hand-in-hand with content marketing- they ensure your content reaches higher in rankings for the correct search terms and can be very useful to your strategy. You need to ensure you’re using them in the correct way, however, and consider how naturally they fit into the text. “Keyword stuffing” is a bad SEO practice that may lead to negative results in the rankings, and will read very poorly, lessening the quality of your content.

You aren’t writing a novel, nor are you trying to win awards for your creative writing – content writing is about getting across information! Keep your content simple and concise and it will work a lot better than something long and convoluted. Short paragraphs, short sentences and easy words are the most readable, so don’t try to go overboard on the descriptions. Getting across what you need to say in a shorter amount of time is perfect for this purpose. Using simpler words doesn’t make you sound less knowledgeable or a bad writer, it just increases the speed at which you can get across what you need to say. You don’t need to push impressive technical terms into content to impress your audience – if you write confidently and concisely, it will come across a lot smoother.

Social Optimisation
Social media will be a huge factor in promoting your content and increasing site traffic. As mentioned before, if you use any “clickbait” techniques and withhold information, these will be seen as sneaky and you may be penalised by social platforms – not to mention you won’t win any favours with your readers! The number of likes, comments and shares can be an indication of your content’s success and the chances are you’ll be able to increase its performance by working on your social media optimisation. Ensure you’re using the correct images for the site you’re posting on, as each site has its own size images. These can be key to increasing your readers’ attention and ensuring that the image works properly across all the social media sites you use – it would look unprofessional and messy to have the wrong image! Check out our ultimate social media image cheat sheet to help you get the right size.                               

There are no set rules for content writing, and you don’t have to be a professional to write content, but it is important to define what your business wants to achieve from content marketing and outline a structure for the best way to go about doing that. Consider your target audience, your keywords, and the time and resource you have available to devote to it before starting. Once you understand the best way to utilise content marketing for your business, then you’ll be able to use it to your advantage to reach new highs and gain new opportunities.


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