If you work in digital marketing or have used SEO to maintain your website’s rankings, you’ll be no stranger to Google’s silent algorithm updates that keep the industry guessing. For years, Google has been rolling out its updates without any confirmed updates – did you know the web giant typically updates its algorithm 500-600 times a year? Most of these will be tiny updates and changes that won’t be noticeable, but occasionally there will be a larger, “major” updates that will affect the search results in different ways. The last big update was the so-called ‘Fred’ update we reported in March this year which had widespread impact on search results.  Google’s John Mueller only comments; “We make updates all the time,” when questioned on Twitter, continuing on a separate tweet saying, “There’s nothing confirmed from our side, this is all just random chatter.” Whilst this is true, there are definitely reports that appear to confirm a change in the algorithm that have affected ranking positions in a noticeable way. 

As SEO and Google are intrinsically linked, there are many sensitive tracking applications and websites which monitor the search engine’s algorithm shifts and many updates. On the 25th/26th June, there seemed to be a huge spike in activity detected which lead many industry experts to believe there was a serious update. Advanced software tracking tools indicate that this most recent update is a huge one that mainly targets sites between rankings 6-10, with sites in positions 1-5 largely remaining unaffected. The update also appears to be a longer-running update which hasn’t been seen since October 2016, with rankings fluctuating much more than usual.  There seems to have been minimal chatter surrounding this update as the top ranking sites have remained mainly without change, but this does not diminish the size of this major June update! 

Have you noticed any changes to your rankings lately, whether it be positive or negative?

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