As is widely and famously known in the digital world, Google is constantly making updates – as one of the world’s largest online companies, the internet giant is always looking for ways to improve its performance and features.

This is no different to late, as now the company has confirmed it is now trialing auto-playing videos directly into your search results. After the industry starting talking, Google confirmed with Search Engine Land that it will be running a small experiment where the videos start auto-playing in the right-hand side bar where the ‘knowledge panel’ lives. This won’t be accessible to all users, and is currently just in trial mode. The aim of this is that it will help users when searching for TV shows and films for example, and will give them a better “result” by explaining or giving examples of the media searched for. Google will, in this sense, aim to better its search results by showing diverse and media-filled results. 

Image Credit: The SEM Post

However, this move could also be something that upsets the average everyday user and could cause annoyance. Similar to Facebook and Instagram, is this Google’s way of just staying relevant and keeping up with the trends and latest technology of its peers? Auto-playing videos are widely known to be annoying and can interrupt a user’s experience. In Google’s seemingly always clutter-free landscape, will this simply irritate its loyal users? Some ad blockers can prevent videos form auto playing, but for the majority of users, it would mean auto-playing videos. This seems to just be desktop only for users that can currently see this, with no word on mobile or tablet search results yet.

A Google spokesperson confirmed Search Engine Land’s reporting by commenting, “we are constantly experimenting with ways to improve the search experience for our users, but have no plans to announce at this time.”


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