Online giant, Google, celebrates its birthday after providing us with 18 fantastic years of internet-related services. The much loved search engine has had some confusion over its birthday over the years, however this year we have been treated to a creative Google Doodle to celebrate Google officially becoming an adult! Founded in September 1998, by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Google has constantly been the go to for every answer needed. To celebrate Google’s coming of age, we’ve gathered a handful of interesting facts about the brand to give you a little insight into the life and history of Google!

  • Google’s original name was Backrub. This name was created based upon the finding and ranking pages that were based on back links.
  • Google Street View has roughly 28 million miles of roads
  • Until 2001, Google’s homepage was aligned on the right hand side of the page, unlike the centred alignment it has now.
  • Google is now valued at $400 Billion.
  • In the past, Google processed 30-60 pages per second. Today, Google can process millions of pages per second.
  • Google rent 200 goats to graze on the weeds and brush around headquarters.
  • Dogs are always welcome at Google HQ.
  • If you’re a Google employer, you’re a Googler. When you first start with the company, however, you’re called a Noogler.
  • Google’s unofficial motto is “Don’t be evil”
  • Founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin met for the first time at Stanford. Sergey was asked to show Larry around the school, as he was new.


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