It’s the time of year where we carve pumpkins, go trick or treating and don ourselves in fancy dress costumes to celebrate Hallowe’en, or All Hallow’s Eve. The history of Hallowe’en is extensive, and represents the end of summer and the subsequent harvest, and is an amalgamation of Pagan, Celtic, Catholic and ancient Roman traditions. Dating back to the Iron Age, this ancient tradition is long-standing in multiple nations across the world, although today’s celebrations are less associated with the holiday’s traditional symbolism. 

The origin of dressing up is thought to lead back to the time when many costumes were used to scare away demonic spirits, hence why they’re usually scary or fear-inducing! Costumes began to merge into modern-day costumes back in the roaring twenties, when certain companies realised that Hallowe’en costumes could be whatever people wanted them to be, and costume companies started getting licences to use cartoon characters and popular figures of the time. 

These days there’s huge money to be made from the holiday’s commercial side, from sweets and chocolates to decorations and costumes, there is no end to the popularity of the holiday. With the growth of the internet, over time people have sought to get their costumes from online retailers who provide a wide variety of choice and prices, and naturally, Google will track what popular searches are coming through the search engine. So, with that being said, the most popular costumes in the US have been listed below:

1. Wonder Woman
2. Harley Quinn
3. Clown
4. Unicorn
5. Rabbit
6. Witch
7. Mouse
8. Pirate
9. Zombie
10. Dinosaur

If you’d like to view the whole list for yourself, use Google’s FrightGeist tool. The tool can also be used as a costume generator on their ‘Costume Wizard’ section, and a costume map to see where people are searching the most! You can also search for a costume or idea, (eg. mermaid) and it will tell you which US locations this is trending in. Try it out for yourself to see the results. What are you dressing up as for Hallowe’en this year? Get in touch on our social media channels on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn and tell us your thoughts!  


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