November has proved to be one of the most successful months for clients. As Black Friday is becoming more popular each year, online sales are also drastically increasing. In this blog, I am going to explore the differences for our client’s revenue in the month of November, along with the percentage increase and decrease of the conversion rates for each device. We have a wide client base ranging from pet supplies, to electricals, to health supplements, and each saw an increase in traffic through different devices. Check out some statistics we have gathered from client’s online performance over different devices throughout November.


Health Supplements Industry:

One of our clients in the health supplements industry had their best performing month to date in November. This client benefited from a 29.7% increase in revenue compared to November 2017. Furthermore, there is an increase of mobile transactions and conversions taking place, as we can see a clear increase of 14.9% in successful mobile conversions. This also took an effect on the computer and tablet conversion rates, with desktop conversion rates dropping 4.2% and tablet conversion rates dropping 6.2%. To conclude, this data evidentially shows how much more popular it is to shop online through your mobile device; this way is far more convenient and is accessible wherever you are (depending on if you have access to the internet on your mobile, which most modern phones will).


Pet Supplies Industry:

We have multiple clients within the pet supplies industry that have performed well within the year-on-year report from November. One of our clients in the pet supplies industry saw a huge increase in online sales and conversions throughout November. We are proud to have helped this small local business grow their online presence and help achieve their goals. Leading on from this, there was a fair share of conversions across all devices, particularly mobile which seems to be the most popular – achieving 45.7% of transactions.

Another client within the pet supplies industry saw a 5.6% increase in revenue. Furthermore, the amount of orders placed on mobiles increased by 54% throughout the month of November compared to the year before. The conversion rates for tablets is also on the rise, achieving a 7.8% increase.


Trades Industry:

The trades industry got its fair share of revenue increase this November. One of our clients saw an 8.4% increase in revenue in November 2018. Along with this, they also received a 4% increase in mobile conversions throughout November, and a staggering 20.5% increase in tablet conversions also. Leading on from this, November had proved to be successful for another one of our clients in the trades industry. They had a fair share of conversions across all devices, with desktop performing the highest – 58.9% of conversions came from desktop. Following on from that, tablet conversions were 23.7% and mobile conversions came in at the bottom, achieving 17.4% of transactions made throughout November.


The Electronics Industry:

Our client, who is a major name in the electronics industry, performed extremely well over the month of November. Desktop conversions for this client were up by 2.3% throughout the month of November, along with mobile conversions increasing by 4.1% compared to November 2017. Unfortunately, tablet conversions did not achieve as well as the other devices, decreasing by 12.9% compared to November 2017. We believe the most feasible explanation for this is due to mobile phones and computers/laptops being more easily accessible for the public. A large majority of the general public own a laptop (88% of the UK) and a mobile phone (83%), whereas the percentage of ownership of tablets is far less than mobile and desktop.


The Gardening Industry:

One of our clients in the gardening industry saw fantastic rise in conversions through mobile phones this November compared to last year. There was a 82.9% increase in conversions through mobile devices for this client, along with a 11.5% increase in tablet conversions.


In conclusion, it is evident that mobile conversions are becoming more popular over multiple different industries, and November proved to be a successful month for a various amount of our clients. If you would like help with your marketing strategy or are interested in one of the services we offer, get in touch by calling us on 0113 833 0415 and speak to one of the team members today!


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