SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimisation, this is an online marketing tool which can be very important for businesses as it can result in lots of new customers visiting their websites, driving sales or conversions.

Where would I see SEO?

If you have ever used a search engine before, you have already been exposed to the power of SEO… For example if you have ever searched for a pair of trainers, you will have your own agenda in your head already of what you’d like the results to show. Therefore it is essential that the search engine brings you results that you will find interesting. Whereas, for businesses they have a different agenda where it is essential to them that they are as high up in the list of search results as possible. This basically illustrates the job of a search engine optimisation and there are SEO professionals who use a variety of strategies to make different search results appear higher, making it more likely for you to click on to them. It is a fantastic marketing tool and it works well with other marketing tactics such as social media and content marketing.

There are a multitude of factors which will affect your search results as well – there is a lot going on behind the scenes. For example the search engine will often use algorithms which will correctly lead you to the result you want if you are not entirely sure what you are searching for. A search engine will also try and guess your query before you have finished typing it, as it tries to base its guess on your spelling etc. It will also try to do all of this really quickly so that it can learn and continue to work on your agenda. Your location will also affect your search as it will use the computer’s IP address to search for things which are nearby and may be relevant to you, for example where is there a pizza takeaway. Social network sites that you’re active on will also affect the search engine’s result as it will link you to people and activity you have had in the past.

What gives a website strong rankings?

One of the ways that a website can improve its SEO is by optimizing itself so that search engines can find their sitemaps quickly, this can be helped by being easy to analyse. Performing a technical audit on a site will enable an SEO to determine if there are any obstacles preventing the site from appearing higher in the search results. SEO’s also perform keyword research which help them to determine which keywords would be best to use to direct a user to a certain site. They do this by making sure the those keywords appear across their web pages enough and in the right places, this is known as a process called keyword optimisation.

How is SEO changing?

Over the years SEO has evolved as Google and other search engines have fine tuned their understanding of what their users want to see. As people became more savvy with how to manipulate their algorithms, the search engines had to respond and now we have ever evolving best practices and techniques. What will never change, however, is that if you do it intelligently and honestly, from the start – you will avoid falling prey of any Google penalties and safeguard yourself for the future.


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