In today’s digital world, Google has the power to transform your eCommerce business thanks to how it ranks its search results, and the constant battle to remain on top of rankings. With over 90% of users opting for a link on the first page of the Google results, getting your eCommerce site to rank highly can be vital to its success. If you land on the first page, that means you can have a slice of the 90%, which would dramatically increase the traffic to your site, and in turn, hopefully increase your revenue. So, how do you increase traffic, and how do you keep it? The science of landing that pivotal place –  SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation – is the key to getting to the top and beating out your competitors.


Do Your Research

Like any business, your online store should serve your customers’ needs first. Find out what your target market want from a site before starting, and use this information to inform your digital strategy. Study search terms, phrases and key words your customer base are using by looking at search volumes – this will enable you to start collecting your data. Using this, you can then combine your SEO search data with sales figures or conversion data from web analytics to see which search terms lead to a customer completing a purchase. Being able to ascertain a value over certain keywords and predict financial outcomes is vital, as you will then know what you want your site to rank highly for, and which phrases are the most important to your business.


Structure Your Website

By collecting data and information based on what your customers are searching for, this means you are already a step ahead. If you know what questions your target audience are asking, you have the ability to provide them with the answers as soon as they land on your site. Use search data from search engines to uncover user intent, and thereby provide a targeted and focused visitor experience for consumers. It sounds obvious, but it’s all too easy to overlook when designing your site – build your website around your customer by providing them with the information they need, and reap the rewards as a result. Make sure your site is easy to use and you should have an effective solution designed with your customer in mind.


Consider Content

Search engines are now integrated in the buying process so early that content marketing has become something you can’t fail to overlook. Content is vital for targeting and getting in search markets, and any successful strategy involves planning. Use your search data to highlight key search terms to build your content around. The best strategies revolve around keyword research and analysis in order to impact your sales. Ensure your digital marketing team are a cohesive – SEO experts and content marketers need to work closely together to plan effective content and create a strong backlink profile.


Solve Problems with Planning

Top-performing eCommerce stores waste no time with their SEO strategy. Hire an SEO expert early in the planning stages in order to avoid any pitfalls later in the process that could be costly. Research and strategy carried out by a professional is invaluable to your eCommerce site. Overlooking your customers’ online behaviour would be a huge mistake, and one that a lot of online businesses simply cannot afford to make. Plan around these invaluable insights to create your customer-centric site!


Follow SEO Best Practice 

SEO is now a specialised service whereby strategy and tactics are tailored to the unique challenges of e-commerce sites. Successful businesses draw up plans before coding that will avoid any unnecessary and costly development further down the line. Sales can quite easily under-perform if best practice isn’t followed. Planning a website structure based on research and optimising your site will ensure your online business can keep growing its revenue!

SEO is integral to attaining customers and ensuring the success of your eCommerce site. Ignoring SEO would be like sending your customers to your competition, and it should be a part of your business plan to ensure your success. It’s Google’s world, and we’re all just living in it!


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Eralis is an e-commerce specialist digital agency based in Leeds and London.


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