If you’ve just started out in the world of eCommerce, sending out emails is a great way to gain new business and ensure your online store takes off with a boost! But if you’re just gaining your online presence, how do you attract email subscribers that are worth your time creating emails for? Growing an audience from scratch as an online brand that no one has heard of isn’t easy, but here are some top tips that will allow you to put your brand out there and reach the people you need it to most.

Don’t Neglect Social
Social media is a huge advantage for brands starting out in the last decade. It has never been easier to be able to reach hundreds of thousands of people for free at one time, leading some brands to ditch advertising altogether and instead building an online following to be jealous of with vibrant and warm Twitter and Instagram feeds. Whilst social isn’t always the go-to money spinner, it is a fantastic way to get your name out there and gain some followers with every post! Create your brand’s image or tone of voice and start connecting with people online to see how you can change your business. You only need to spend a few minutes a day posting a creative tweet, re-tweeting something relevant, or posting a well-chosen photo of a product in order to increase your reach. Make sure you always drive your traffic to a landing page and you should see results. 

Be Consistent 
This is key when it comes to most things regarding your brand, but especially when it comes to your potential consumers or brand advocates. Post consistent content directly aimed at your target audience in order to gain followers and drive your conversion. If you keep the images you post and the tone of voice the same throughout your posts, consumers will be able to distinguish your brand between other brands, enabling you to become memorable to consumers and people will eventually become familiar with your brand style. 

Paid Ads
Sponsored ads are a good way to grow fast and are an easy way to reach your target audience. If you have the budget to spend at the beginning of your eCommerce venture, paid ads and Facebook marketing are a great way to grow your list quickly. This will still get you the audience you desire – you can be as specific as you like with regards to age/location/career – but the difference will be that you have the ability to reach lots of people at once, and then people who are genuinely interested will be the ones signing up!

Another way to get people to your site is with SEO, or search engine optimisation. Research your key words and work on increasing your ranking for these in Google. Lead people to a homepage where you can include a link or a pop-up dedicated to your email list where potential subscribers can input their email address and add themselves to your list. 

Give People Something They Want
Consumers are more likely to sign up when they have incentive to! Giving away resource that is helpful (but that does not tell all) is a great way to get subscribers. Giving away things of value is easy to do – think email templates or e-books. Even smaller freebies you could post to people are viable if you have the resource and the time! Direct people to a page where they can input their email and they will get their gift sent to them after signing up. Usually the gift will be useful and will provide something of industry knowledge – this will convince people that you know what you’re talking about, hopefully leading them to keeping themselves signed up to your list!

Guest Post
Guest posting can be a great way to get the word out about your business and gain followers. There are many successful influencers and bloggers in your industry that will be more than happy to accept a guest post. Include a link to direct people to your sign up landing page in order to increase traffic to your site and gain subscribers as a result.

Whatever method you end up going for, you may want to try a combination of methods over a period of time to gain subscribers and test what works for you. As long as you remember to be consistent and creative in your chosen method, you should be able to increase your subscriber list and build your brand! 

If you need help with your email marketing, SEO or social media, get in touch to see how we can help!


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