In today’s modern world, social media plays a huge role in our everyday lives. With the huge influence possible through popular social sites, it’s no wonder brands have jumped on the social media bandwagon and are utilising it to gain fans, create an army of followers and promote their business online. Instagram is one of the most popular platforms for retailers and brands to reach out to potential customers. By creating a vibrant and creative feed, you will have more chance of being able to engage with consumers. We’ve compiled a small list of how to improve your brand presence on Instagram that will keep your followers entertained!


Be Consistent 

Keep your brand message strong throughout multiple posts to stay on brand. Your tone of writing and style of pictures posted should stay relatively similar throughout your feed. As your business grows and expands, you may alter what you post slightly, but the image style should stay the same for maximum effect. Unique and consistent image designs can be a key aspect of success on Instagram, and creating images that become recognisable to your brand will be key to creating a distinctive style.


Be Creative

This almost goes without saying! Run-of-the-mill images and adverts will not help build your following and invite users to engage with your posts. Instagram is the perfect platform to be a little light-hearted and show the friendly and fun side of your business. Using images (and sometimes videos) alone, you have to be able to get across what your brand and business is about, which can be difficult. You could utilise it to show a different side to your brand completely by posting playful content, or mix it up by posting a mix of fun pictures and informative posts.


Be Clever

Post your Instagram links in as many places as possible. Keep a link on your website, and post about it in your company’s blog. Using your most popular form of social media will enable you to gain followers true to your brand. If you have a huge Twitter following, share your Instagram posts on your Twitter feed to increase your follower count! Send out emails to your database with your Instagram link or a link to your latest post, get it printed on business cards and encourage your employees to use your business’s hashtag.



Engaging with the audience that decides to follow you is a given when you want to build your following. Responding to customers or fans can gain you more followers if done correctly, and will create a sense of trust around your brand by putting a voice to the images. This is especially helpful if users stumble across your Instagram account from a hashtag or shared link and haven’t heard of you previously. Running a competition is also a great way to interact and encourage new followers. Creating terms that require entrants to share and follow is an easy way to engage. Take it a step further by encouraging audience participation – for example, creating their own photo to submit via hashtag. Building your own community around a hashtag will encourage more people to discover your business’s account, and this can also provide you with hand-picked content specific to your brand that you can re-post (with permission from your followers). Using hashtags appropriately can boost post likes and engagement – this means posting tags relating to your image, and not over-tagging! Look at brands similar to your own and discover what they use most often.


Are you looking to reinvent your brand image on social media? Speak to us today!




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