Are you constantly scrolling through your Instagram feed and flicking past endless amounts of selfies, baby photos and accounts made for your best friend’s dog? Well, not only will these still be flooding your Instagram feed, but you’re about to be faced with multiple images per post. That’s right, Instagram are introducing an ‘Album’ feature to the social app, enabling you to post between 1 and 10 photos or videos in just one post.

The popular app will now enable you to ‘select multiple’ images when you prepare an upload, giving you the choice to either keep your post as a single, traditional Instagram post, or switching things up and treating your followers to a whole album of selfies, dog photos or whatever you had for dinner that week.

The app will still allow you to edit each image included in the post, including filters, text and cropping, so your images can still be as perfect as the rest. To view the images, you’ll be able to simply swipe across and see the next images in a carousel style motion.

There has been a range of mixed feelings and opinions regarding this new update, with many feeling it’ll overcrowd their feeds and others excited to share more of their life with the world, but Instagram is for sharing, right? So with that in mind, why not create an opportunity to document and share more of your experiences with your followers!


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