As a brand or a company, you’ll be more than aware of just how valuable social media is to your brand. If you work in social media, you probably spend most of your day on Instagram trawling through competitors’ photos, posting content and reaching out to potential new followers or users to represent your brand. Advertising has completely changed in the last decade, with social media becoming huge business as its popularity sky-rocketed. Brands were quick to jump on the bandwagon, with every company or agency now having an Instagram to display their company’s creativity, uniqueness and flair. This can not only aid in selling products, but agencies and companies can also sell their services through their image on social media. Some brands solely rely on their social media to communicate their brand and their message, instead of paying for costly adverts or PR campaigns.

As social media sites started to introduce paid ads, the gates were blown wide open, with companies only needing to have enough money to pay for an advert, rather than being creative and being better at it than the competition. Some people were not so happy with the change, with users preferring not to see adverts they don’t want clogging up their feed, but for brands, this change is extremely valuable. 

Instagram started clickable ads two years ago, and have just updated their call-to-action (CTA) button for the second time since they started. Originally advertisers weren’t sure their adverts were that obvious or that users would have a way to get through to the website or product, so Instagram appeased advertisers by placing a ‘Learn More’ bar along the bottom of an ad photo in order to allow users the ability to click on the advert and get through to a site. They then changed it so that the bar changed colour from white to blue after four seconds in order to attract the attention of the user. Now, Instagram has made changes that mean the bar will change colour to reflect the primary shades used in the photo to gain the reader’s attention. 

According to Marketing Land, an Instagram spokesperson commented that the look is meant to “ensure that an ad’s photo or video is its standout element and to make people’s feeds feel more natural. It may also ensure that Instagram can insert more ads into those feeds without making them look overloaded with ads.” By making the bar blend in with the advert, it may be less obvious that the post is an ad, gaining the user’s attention for a longer amount of time and meaning posts are less easily scrolled past and just written off as an ad. As Marketing Land commented, this may allow Instagram to post more ads into its feed in this way. 

What are your thoughts on how this could change Instagram’s advertising? If you need help with your social media strategy, pop in for a coffee and a chat to discuss how we can help! 


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