Snapchat and Facebook have been displaying their rivalry once again this week with competing tech updates. Amidst news of Facebook’s new Snapchat-style ‘story’ feature this week, it appears Snapchat is looking to extend the features they have even further by giving users the ability to add their Bitmojis to their home screens. If you need to catch up – Bitmoji is a widget that allows you to have a personalised avatar of yourself on your phone to communicate with friends!

Snapchat’s parent company Snap purchased Bitstrips (Bitmoji’s creator) last year for a cool $64.2 million, and wasted no time in incorporating Bitmoji stickers into the popular photo app. As long as you have the Bitmoji app downloaded, you can sync it with your Snapchat account and then send your personalised emoji in chats, or add it as a sticker to individual ‘snaps’. This new update means widgets can be added to Android users’ home screens, and iOS users’ ‘Today’ screens as an even quicker way to start talking to friends.

Snapchat’s biggest rival, Facebook, has launched a new ‘story’-style feature called ‘My Day’ on its Messenger app this month after launching an almost identical feature under the ‘Status’ moniker on Whatsapp last month. With Facebook now owning Instagram and Whatsapp alongside its original app Messenger, it has become Snapchat’s biggest rival in the last year and has now rolled out ‘story’-style features on all three apps – Instagram was the first to be launched last August. Unlike Instagram, there is the ability to control who sees your Whatsapp ‘Status’ and Messenger ‘Day’ stories (similar to Snapchat), but all three function the same as Snapchat’s original story function with features such as overlays, coloured drawing ability, emojis, stickers and text.

If you haven’t had time to try these new features out, have a go and let us know your opinion of these two tech giants’ updates! For an insight into the life of a digital marketer and to discover the things that make our day, you can find us on Snapchat under ‘eralisdigital’.


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