In today’s modern world, it can be trickier than ever to engage with consumers via your email marketing when there are hundreds of thousands of brands to compete with. Email is one of the best marketing tools there is, but inboxes are being inundated. Research shows that businesses are still yet to make the most of having access to all the information available to them – data is a big opportunity, yet digital marketers are still not utilising it to its full potential. We’ve compiled a few points below that could help to transform your email marketing campaigns:


Be relevant: With 47% of consumers reporting that the emails they receive are rarely relevant to their needs, and only 2/3 of retailers capturing purchase order history, the opportunity is huge to attract people’s attention (Source: Inbox Love). Nurturing customer relationships with the right type of email messages is so important – consider all the data that is available to you and email consumers information relevant to them, as opposed to a ‘batch and blast’ approach which will inevitably lead to high unsubscribe rates.


Timing: This is everything when it comes to your email campaign. Email new subscribers within 24 hours in order to take advantage of the window of opportunity when your brand will be at the top of consumers’ minds. This way, you’re able to get a feel for what your future engagement will look like by how people interact with this first email. Using an introductory offer can help increase clickthrough rates and engagement.


Engage from first sight: Use punchy subject lines to engage consumers’ attention from their first sight of your email in their inbox. Ideally make it less than 50 characters so it doesn’t get cut off, particularly on mobile devices. Using an excited tone and a call to action is an easy way to create a sense of urgency to open the email (“Open to discover your mystery discount!”). Personalising by using peoples’ names can also be an easy way to engage directly with recipients and increase clickthrough rates.


Be concise: A lot of the rules above can also be applied to the email content itself – using clarity and easy-to- understand language is key to keeping consumers’ attention. If you’ve already intrigued them with your subject line, don’t make them read huge paragraphs when your message could be said in a few sentences! Compelling and concise copy is the best way to engage with recipients. Incorporating one call to action button in the email that’s easy to spot can save busy consumers’ reading it through if they don’t have time.


Utilise your social media: Adding your brand’s social sharing buttons is an easy way to help increase the number of people seeing the link and extend the life of the email. Make sure you add sharing buttons and not follow buttons to allow your recipients to pass along the email offer or promo to their followers.


If you’ve not tried one of these tips before, see if you notice any increase in the effectiveness of your campaigns when using one – depending on your brand, some might work for you better than others! Looking to discuss your email marketing strategy? Get in touch today!


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