When you spend lots of time and energy creating a strong, insightful article or a creative, bold infographic, you want the reassurance that it’s going to be seen by lots of people, the right people. It’s no good posting some excellent content to find out that it didn’t reach half of the audience you aimed for it too! There are some great tips and tricks that can really help you to maximise the reach of your content and make sure you are getting your pieces across to the right people.

Right Place, Right Time

The phrase “Right place, right time” has never been more fitting when it comes to content reach. Once you’ve written your content you’re faced with a number of decisions, where should you place your article, what time will be best, which platform has the best audience for this particular content topic and so on. The first thing to think about is which social media site is best for the content written, whilst posting your content on your website is a great start, you need to go to your audience and put the content in front of them, they won’t come to you.

With social media, you have a different set of audiences for each platform. For example, B2B content will work best posted on Google, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, whereas content that has a more visual approach will work better on platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest.

Knowing your audience is key, as you want to know exactly how to appeal to them and catch their attention. Figuring out what your audience like is simple, as sites such as Survey Monkey enable you to ask your audience exactly what you want to know, from which is their favourite social media platform, to how often they like content to be posted and so on.

You then have timing, which is essentially one of the critical parts to reaching the desired amount of your audience. Posting your content onto social media at the right time will determine just how strong your contents reach is. Statistics show that the strongest times to post on any platform are lunchtime (12pm – 1pm), as this is often the time many people scroll through social media platforms, whereas if you were to post at 10am, it wouldn’t have as strong a reach.

Strong, Eye-Catching Headlines

Social media can be a fickle place, and many of its users will be reluctant to share any post, or even click on the post, unless it has a strong, exciting headline that catches their attention. People want to share content that will interest their followers, so creating a bold piece that engages the right audience is really important.

Introducing Links

When you write a piece of content, the main focus is your target audience. You want to help your audience understand something or help them to find out what they’re looking for. Introducing links to other websites that ties in perfectly with the content your writing will instantly show your readers that you’re there to help them. Whilst linking to other sites may not be the first choice for some people, it works in a number of different ways. Not only does adding links to your content give a great impression of you to your viewer, but it also involves other websites who may return the favour in a future post. On top of helping your target audience, you are also helping Google understand exactly what your content is about, enabling them to make sure that your content is seen by the right audience.

Responsive Content

Many viewers today will use their smart phones or tablets to scroll through their social media pages. This is where it becomes important that your content is mobile-friendly, as if your content is opened and the viewer is told it is unable to be viewed on their device, they won’t bother to try again and you’ve lost a reader. Having responsive content allows you to reach everyone in your target audience no matter what device they are using to view it, and with statistics like 6.1billion people have smartphones, you can’t afford to miss this huge section of your audience.

Remembering these simple yet effective tips for maximising the reach of your content will ensure that it is being seen by the right people, as well as growing your online business.


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