PPC, also known as pay-per-click, is an online marketing tool that diverts potential customers to websites. PPC is looked at as one of the most essential aspects of marketing in order to build a business quickly and effectively. There are multiple platforms that you can do pay-per-click on, however the top three are: Google Ads (previously AdWords), Microsoft adCenter/Bing Ads, and Yahoo! Search Marketing. Want to know what makes PPC marketing so beneficial to a business? Check out our top reasons why it is essential for all businesses.

1)      Pay only when your ad is clicked

With a name like pay-per-click, this is obvious. However, it is still good to mention that you only pay whenever an interested customer clicks on your ads. The benefit of this is that is gives the user a sense of security that their ads are being found by potential customers. If the campaigns that you create are optimised correctly, you should be getting genuine interested customers coming across and clicking on the ads you have created.

2)      Quicker results than most other marketing tools

Another huge benefit of PPC is that the results are almost instant! As soon as you have effectively chosen your keywords, plus created a campaign with at least 1 ad (although we recommend 3 as a minimum), you’re pretty much good to go! There are multiple ways to optimise your account in order to reach full potential, but if you get the base of the campaigns created, you will generate traffic to your site.

3)      Ad-scheduling & targeting

Possibly one of the most beneficial features of PPC marketing is ad-scheduling and targeting. Ad-scheduling allows the account manager to ensure their ads are being shown at a specific time/day, as well as setting bid adjustments for the ads to be shown more prominently at specific times/days. Targeting gives the account manager the option to specify which audience they are trying to show the ads to, for example, 25+ year olds who live within a 30-mile radius of Leeds. Both features are great because you can ensure you are reaching out to the intended target audience, and your ads will be shown at specific key performing times.

4)      Extensions!

These are possibly the best features available on PPC platforms. Extensions are great for improving your CTR (click through rate) and adding specific attributions to your ads which don’t cost you a penny! There are multiple different extensions to choose from to improve your ad and make the most of your budget.

5)      Have control of your budget and spending

With PPC, you can have full control on how much you spend and ensuring that you stick to your budget. Manual CPC is the easiest way to ensure that you do not go over your intended budget and spend within your means.

6)      Creates brand awareness

PPC is especially good for building a company and creating brand awareness. An account manager can tactically implement the company’s brand name throughout the ads and campaigns to build brand awareness. Furthermore, since the ads’ goal is to generate new sales & traffic to the website, that alone will build the company’s reputation.

7)      Remarketing

Through remarketing, you can bring back the lost conversions that did not happen the first time. PPC is the only way you’re able to reach out to previous website visitors and encourage them to buy your product using compelling ads. This is great as it allows the business to target specific people who have shown a genuine interest into a converting customer.

8)      Easily measurable

A great benefit of pay-per-click is that it is easily measurable. There are multiple metrics and statistics that are accessible to track the performance of the PPC account. These statistics are great for understanding exactly how well the ads are doing to understand what the next moves would be in order to improve performance.


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