Customer Insights

We're all different and we all shop in different ways. We immerse ourselves in your data and identify trends to engage customers and drive conversions.

User Behaviour

On site user behavior is recognising how people use your site, for what purposes they use it, and their journey to the point of exit. User behaviour provides the foundation to dissect the UI and UX of a website in order to create the optimal site experience. By understanding the exit points of a user journey, we can improve the site by putting forward contextual information, directing them to another more relevant area of the site, or incentivising them to complete their purchase/ desired action with a promotion. 


Heat Mapping

Heat mapping is a visual aid that identifies the “hot” areas of the site based on the amount of times visitors have clicked or hovered their cursor over specific areas. Heat mapping can help define a better structure of the site or suggest a better use of colour that can aid advancing people through the site highlighting the path you want them to take defining their user journey. This insight can also help with deciding the hierarchy of content and call to actions you have throughout the site.



Google Analytics is not the only method of extrapolating significant data. Your analytics tell the story of each user, their source and their exit. Using the information effectively is key. Identifying areas supplying a high concentration allows you to emulate similar links or focus energy in increasing the traffic from that source. Equally it can also tell us what is not working for you and your campaign, allowing us to reallocate our time and resources into areas that are more profitable for you and your business.


Conversion Strategy

The customer insight forms a significant part of the conversion strategy. The simple fact remains on or offline we all shop in different ways! Even a specific individual can shop in multiple ways if their interaction of the brand or product is different from one interaction to the next. By understanding the user from the outset, we can formulate a plan for the most profitable traffic sources and also the largest potential opportunities.