Magento Integrations

Magento is the largest open source eCommerce platform. We provide advanced marketing solutions built by our Magento experts.


Gentle encouragement can often prove effective in the conversion process. With the use of promotional popups presenting a discount code or even flash sales, the decision of whether or not to buy is made much easier. Whether you know the Magento Ecommerce extension you require, or you want some guidance and a strategy proposing, with years of Magento development experience under our belt, we know how to nudge your customers along.


Shopping Feeds

One commonly overlooked aspect of eCommerce advertising is feed optimisation. Incorrect setup of your feed can mean your products aren’t found or seen by as many shoppers as they should be and you’ll likely lose clicks and ultimately conversions. We can reshape your feed so it follows all of the industries best practices for the relevant platform and ensure your products are found by as many potential customers as possible. 


Tag Manager

Effective implementation of tagging and tracking on your website not only gives you full visibility on what traffic is coming in or what conversions and revenue are being generated, it also gives you the ability to track your customers after they’ve left your website and encourages them to come back to complete their purchase. Correct implementation of tracking and tagging gives you complete visibility and reliable, accurate data. 


Triggered Emails

Whether you feel you need some automated reminder emails, or an email wishing your customer happy birthday and offering them a discount code, triggered emails are an effective way of marketing to your existing customers in a cost efficient way. People who have previously bought from you already have trust in your brand, because you delivered the first time round – don’t miss out on repeat business from that qualified audience.