Remarketing gives you more time to convert the customers who get away using personalised ads based on their browsing history.


Remarketing lists for search ads is a feature which enables brands to target consumers who have already shown an interest in your products or services, but continue looking for what they need using Google search. Brands are able to tailor their bidding strategies and adverts to these consumers, giving them that extra push to convert by continuing to show them their products. 



Remarketing works by continuing to communicate with those who have visited your website. It helps to keep your brand front of mind as consumers continue their online activity. Essentially, remarketing allows us to keep in touch with those ‘window shoppers’ ready for when they want to make a purchase. On average, only 2% of consumers convert on their first visit to an online store, and remarketing can help bring back the remaining 98%.


Social Media

You have a matter of seconds to capture the attention of visitors to your site before they click to another page or leave the site immediately. This is why social media retargeting is another essential tool to implement within your marketing campaign. By adding a few lines of code to your website, you are then able to retarget previous visitors across social media with products they viewed whilst on your online store.


Triggers & Automations

By capturing valuable consumer data when they either check out or sign up to a newsletter, brands can retarget consumers with triggered emails. These automated marketing messages are powerful and when used correctly can be relevant and timely. Sending out concise messaging with clear call to action enables a consumer to take the next step in their user journey.