Social Media

Managing your brand reputation and increasing your online presence in an industry which never sleeps.

Social Strategy

As with with most digital marketing disciplines, the social media marketing approach is key to the campaigns success. The key to a social campaign’s success is to profile the people you wish to target and understand what triggers the defined action in order to create a return. A social marketing strategy is not a one size fits all, by defining the campaign goal we identify the appropriate approach for the campaign. A structured schedule posting on the right channel at the optimal time, coupled with the correct tone and contextual content, are paramount to a social strategies success.


Reputation Management

Some people only leave reviews when they want to vent their frustration. In forgetting some situations are beyond the company they are dealing with, control aggravated customers will take to damming companies on social media to provoke a reaction. The social review score is important to many prospective customers. We manage our clients social media reputation dealing with problems, controversy and queries by responding on your behalf. 


Paid Social Advertising

Paid social advertising is a fantastic way to market to specific portions of your target demographic or by, age, interest and location. Typically it is a cost effective form of paid marketing, whether it be for brand awareness or E-commerce. All the major social networks are cashing in on the opportunity of helping businesses and online retailers reaching their target demographic encouraging omni channel coverage. We can help you turn your social channels into revenue channels.


Social Content

The content on your chosen social channels is in many way your voice to the masses. For many companies the potential traffic from a social media channel to your Pinterest board, Facebook page or Twitter feed cannot be overlooked. Engaging and relevant content, delivered with a consistent tone and specific frequency, shows you are an active business who knows their target audience. However, an empty board, out of date page and un-inspiring feed can take your company look out of touch or even dormant! Our in house content team will make sure you company’s profile is both current and engaging.