The old Search Console is officially being put to rest on the 28th March 2019. Love the new look or hate it, Google is forcing all webmasters to make the move and use the new (if somewhat limited) version – meaning we’re facing messages like this:

Although some marketeers and business’ are happy with the new search console, it is certainly missing a lot of new features. Here is a run through of all the old features and how you can find them in the new version:

Search Appearance

Structured Data

Structured Data will now be found under the new ‘Enhancement’ report. From the new search console, you can see all of the pages that are valid along with the warnings and errors that the structured data that may be produced. It is also known that the ‘Rich Results Tool’ (aka. URL inspection) will show structured data for each URL that you are inspecting. The issue with this at the moment is that Google has not developed a report for every rich result just yet, so it may be challenging for now.

Rich Cards

Rich cards doesn’t seem to be included in the new version of Search Console. Google have stated that this report will be replaced with the new ‘Individual Enhancement’ report. Supposedly, this new report will provide detailed debugging information, and a one-click request to recrawl fixed issues. This is not quite the same as the current Rich Cards section of search console but we are keen to see how Google will improve this.

Data Highlighter

This has been a life-saver for many businesses that are experiencing problems with their schema markup. Unfortunately, the new search console no longer has this feature. This could cause issues for companies that do not have a schema markup in place, or struggling to upload a schema markup without receiving errors.

HTML Improvements

Unfortunately, we are saying goodbye to HTML improvements part of search console. This section showed important reports such as duplicate meta titles, descriptions, short and long metadata etc. This will not be moved over to the new Search Console so it is very important to resolve these improvements manually by crawling your website.

Search Traffic

Search Analytics

The new search analytics report can be found under the ‘Performance’ report of the new search console. This data is relatively similar, allowing you to access a wide range of data and metrics such as search queries, pages, devices etc.

Links To Your Site

This is also being kept the same, however ,the only difference is that ‘Internal Links’ is now also incorporated into this too instead of being its own tab. This section can be found under ‘Links’ in the side panel.

Internal Links

As previously mentioned, this is incorporated in the new ‘Links’ report.

Manual Actions

This will now be placed under its own tab in the sidebar called ‘Security & Manual Actions’ and there you will see ‘Manual Actions’. There is no changes to this report, only the way that it is laid out in the new search console.

International Targeting

Another example of what is being left behind with the old search console. The new version does not give any alternative to view your international targeting report. For most businesses, this would not be an issue, but for larger international businesses it could cause some implications.

Mobile Useability

The mobile useability report is more or less being kept the same. The new report can be seen in the sidebar under ‘Enhancement’ where you will be able to find all the metrics that you would be able to on the old search console.

Google Index

Index Status

The new index status report is being taken over by the ‘Index Coverage report’ which works in the exact same way as the index status report does. The new report has a lot of metrics and details that you are able to discover which are very helpful and useful, similar to the old report.

Blocked Resources

This report will no longer be available to view. Google has provided an alternative by saying that you can use the URL inspector tool in order to find blocked resources for each individual URL. This is not as beneficial as the previous report as that shown all of the blocked resources sitewide for each URL.

Removed URLs

The removed URLs report is also no longer going to be available on the new search console. Google has not released an alternative as of yet, however we are hoping that it shall return with updates on the new search console in the future.


Crawl Errors

This report is being taken over by the new ‘Index Coverage’ report. The new report surprisingly has a lot of features that are similar to the old version, however there is still some lack of data shown in the new report as it does not go as in depth as the old report use to.

Crawl Stats

Personally we use this tool a lot here. Bridging the gap between SEO and web hosting, this tool previously let us see how changes we made on client websites affected Google crawlers, giving us a glimpse into how Google operates. However, there is no new version in the latest Search Console.

Fetch as Google

Unfortunately, Google have decided to get rid of this report, however they believe they have provided an alternative with the ‘URL Inspection’ tool. Concerningly, this new tool is far less advanced than the fetch and render version on the old search console, with the new took being relatively restricted in what you can do.

Robots.txt Tester

There will be no alternative on the new search console for the previous robots.txt tester. This is a massive downfall as this tool is very useful for both companies and agencies alike. We are hopeful that Google will provide an alternative robots.txt tester in the near future on the new search console. For now we’ll have to rely on free online tools like this one.


This tool can now be found under the index column, and is still named ‘Sitemaps’ and behave largely the same as the old tool.

URL Parameters

Here is another example of a report that is no longer available on the new search console, forcing webmasters to handle parameters manually – which could be very detrimental if they don’t know what they’re doing.

Overall, the new search console does have some beneficial features, however we believe that in comparison to the old version, Google still need to add extra features in order for the new version to be as good as the original search console.

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