As one of the most popular social media platforms available, Snapchat is constantly introducing new ways for its users to enjoy the app and use it more and more. The beauty of Snapchat is the ability to communicate and document your daily life through pictures and videos. With the app growing more and more popular every day, Snapchat have now mastered a way in which they can create even more interaction from different locations.

Introducing the Geofilter

Last July, Snapchat introduced a new element to its app called a Geofilter. A Geofilter is a snazzy feature that enables you as a digital marketer, to promote your brand and create a filter with your logo and theme, made accessible to anyone in your local area. The idea started when Snapchat released a filter specifically for places such as Disneyland, Santa Monica Pier and other world famous locations. After much consideration, the Snapchat Team decided to introduce this new filter to enable you to put your stamp on your location.

Building Brand Recognition

From time to time, social media platforms introduce new ways in which businesses can promote and boost their brands recognition, whether they’re providing stickers to add to a photo, or enabling you to ‘check in’ to your current location so the whole of social media can see where you have been and what your thoughts may have been. Snapchat has seen a gap in the market here, enabling businesses to build their brand recognition by adding logos and images to a filter that can be used by anyone within a specific area. When the Snapchat user posts their snap, whether it be a selfie or a picture of the view, they add the filter, and automatically every friend they have on Snapchat sees your brand via your Geofilter. This can then have a chain reaction, as more and more users post pictures with the filter and it becomes a popular option.

There’s Always a Cost

Unsurprisingly, this process isn’t free of charge. Snapchat do not offer a free service for businesses to promote their brands and advertise at no cost. This is where the question as to whether this brilliant idea of a Geofilter is actually worth it for your company or not, as it does have its limitations. In order to have your own Geofilter, you must pay $5 per 20,000 square feet, which comes to around £3.70 in the UK. Dependant on your location, you may not feel that 20,000 square feet is enough space for you, so Snapchat have set the bar at five million square feet, so you have plenty to go at! Another condition Snapchat have announced is that you can only have your Geofilter for 30 days, therefore it’s really important to decide whether or not this process and cost is worth it for your brand and business.

Following the Trend

As with any social media trend, digital marketers and brands soon cotton on to how brilliant the process may be, and as a result of this, things can become a little overcrowded. One day, there will be too many Geofilters to choose from, individuals will be sat flicking through filter after filter to find the one they want to use. But, this isn’t happening yet, so you still have time to strike whilst the irons hot. If you feel the Snapchat Geofilter is perfect for raising your brand awareness, there’s no time like the present to get yourself onto the latest trend and set the ball rolling!


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