As Black Friday weekend fast approaches now is the time to ensure your business is ready for the biggest date in the eCommerce calendar. It is reported that in 2017, UK consumers spent £1.4bn during the infamous last weekend of November, a 11.7% increase on the previous year. Not great news for bricks and mortar high street shops who saw a 3.6% drop in sales.

The mega deal busting weekend doesn’t have to be for the biggest ecommerce players, small businesses can get involved too. Check out our top tips for your Black Friday marketing checklist to ensure your business is ready:

Master Your Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the best ways to reach out to your target audience and it should be a strong part of your campaign.

         Start preparing your emails now. There’s no time like the present and you don’t want your emails to go out late or after the peak times.

         Begin to tease your target audience with hints of the big savings and deals that are to come. This will ensure they know to expect something big from your brand and therefore will keep an eye out on the big day.

Optimise Your Website

Whilst setting out to optimise every single page on your website may be a ridiculously huge task to complete in such a small amount of time, there’s no reason why you can’t optimise the relevant pages of your site for Black Friday.

         Ensure your product pages grab the attention of the viewer. People want to see everything they need right in front of them without having to do any searching themselves. Make the offers and product details clear on every necessary landing page.

         Check the product images on each specific landing page. Your deals may be amazing, but if the product doesn’t look good or stand out in the image it could have a negative impact on the overall sale.

         Is your site mobile friendly? There will be many users coming through to your site from mobile across the Black Friday/Cyber Week period, so it’s vital that your site is up to it. With Google prioritising mobile friendly sites, it’s essential that you’re up there amongst the sites that are providing their consumers with the very best experience.

Track Your Conversions

Over the Black Friday period you are expecting to see an influx of sales across a range of different products, so it’s vital that you have your conversion tracking set up and ready. When using AdWords, you are able to monitor how well your PPC campaigns are running and keep track of the essential data from the weekend.

It’s really important that your conversion tracking is set up correctly to ensure you receive the correct data as this will show you how well the deals performed throughout the time period they are running for.

Schedule Your Social Posts

Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube, people are making the most of their social platforms to reach out to potential customers across the Black Friday period. With Black Friday being such a busy time, however, it can become almost impossible to keep on top of posting your Black Friday posts at the right times to gauge the best interaction.

        Create & choose the posts you want to share before Black Friday arrives. This will show you exactly what you’ll be posting and ensure you don’t forget anything.

         Schedule your posts to go out at peak times across each social platform.

        Ensure your posts are clear and going to grab the viewers attention. All it takes is one scroll of the finger and your post has slipped further down the feed. You want people to see your post and instantly want to know more.


Think there’s something you’ve missed? Perhaps you need some advice on how to set up your conversion tracking or social scheduling? Don’t hesitate to give us a call on 0113 833 0415 for some helpful advice on how you can be Black Friday ready!


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